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How the Aquastream Works
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Applications for use: turbine pumps, 2-piece wells, submersible pump
Technical Papers Index
Nuzman Jackson Technical Paper - Introduction
Tech Paper: basic hydralic flow equation
Tech Paper: Water well pump section top of screen
Tech Paper: Water well pump section bottom of screen
Tech Paper: Suction flow control device water well
Tech Paper: Case history
Tech Paper: Conclusions
Tech Paper: References
Kroeker-Nuzman Technical Paper - theory of operation
Tech Paper: mechanical blockage restricting groundwater flow
Tech Paper: chemical encrustation, bacteriological plugging, rehabilitation techniques
Tech Paper: Water well suction flow control
Tech Paper: Physical & chemical water well rehabilitation methods, case histories
Tech Paper: Well rehabilitation techniques, case histories, summary
Case Histories - municipal & rural drinking water well rehabilitation & treatment
Media - municipal & rural well rehabilitation cost savings
Letters from engineers - use of Aquastream in water well rehabilitation
Common Causes of well deterioration in municipal and rural water systems
Solution to sand pumping, high drawdown, low water well yield, high costs
Description of suction flow control device
Benefits: Rehabilitate municipal & rural water wells at low cost
Sand Separation
Sand Separator
Water Treatment
Sand Pumping
Water Sand Filter