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Questions and Answers
1. Can the Aquastream work in an open-hole well?

Yes. If there is permeability in the lower portion of the rock or sandstone formation, the installation of Aquastream can change the water flow velocities to a more uniform velocity. It can also stop or greatly reduce sand pumpage.

2. Must the Aquastream always be attached to the pump?

No. Special fittings are made to allow the unit to sit in the screen of a deep well and effectively seal to the outer casing of a two-piece or open-hole well.

3. Is the Aquastream too heavy to attach to a turbine pump bowl?

Usually not. The submerged weight of the unit should not exceed the allowable tensile strength of most pump bowls. If the weight is marginal, then straps are added around the pump bowl to compensate for the Aquastream weight under water.

4. Will Aquastream plug due to iron bacteria?

Yes. If iron bacteria are well established in an existing well, the installation of Aquastream will have no influence on the growth rate of iron bacteria. We recommend regular periodic sterilization of the well through the Aquastream device to control the growth of iron bacteria.

5. Will Aquastream work in all wells?

No. Some wells are simply poorly designed with a screen diameter too small to install the appropriate size unit for operation at the desired yield rate. However, if a lower acceptable rate can be determined by a trial installation, it may be possible to salvage a significant yield of water.